Keep Calm and Bird On!

There are so many things being halted by the Coronavirus – sports, gatherings, school, and more – and it’s a fear plaguing all our minds.

A trying time though it may be, it is also an excellent opportunity to get back in tune with nature. Your game is canceled? Have a walk and take in the fresh spring air. Your meeting is canceled? Take some time at home just watching the birds and other critters live their lives outside your windows. There may be a contagion spreading around, but life goes on – flourishes, even, and you might be surprised how much of that life goes on just past those panes of glass.

Still worried? Well, I can’t say that you have no cause, but I can say that there’s something you can do about it. Studies have shown that just 20 minutes of contact with nature can lower stress levels, and help you better cope with stressful situations. Plus, as a bonus, there is a 0% chance that you’ll catch the virus while immersed in nature away from other humans!

And that’s where we at the Nest come in, to ensure you have the best nature-watching experience. We carry dozens of top-rated feeders, varieties of premium Michigan blend seed, and beautiful birdhouses.

So, let’s all take some time to ourselves this next short while, and just take in the wonder that is Nature, whether it be on a camping trip, a short walk, or just watching through your living room windows. Relax; this is life! Live it well.

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