Make an appointment to pick up your birding needs!

We will not be open as often as usual due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), but we don’t want you to run out of any of your birding products!

So, we’ve decided to give appointments a shot; when you are in need of a product (or three), give Laurie the Bird Lady a call at 616-262-5394, and she will set up a time for you to pick up your items. Your purchases will be placed outside the door for you, and cash, check, or credit card can be passed through the door to pay. That way, we can ensure the safest possible transaction for you.

Pickup times will be available Monday through Sunday 11am to 5pm, though we will make exceptions if need be.

Again, be sure to call 616-262-5394, NOT our store number to set up an appointment with us.

Safety first, everyone! Wash your hands, keep a six-foot bubble, and Bird On!

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