Beetle Stacker


Birdola seed cakes are designed for the habits of wild birds. Our specially selected seed blends are help together with a protein binder so birds can peck their favorite seed and leave the rest of the cake intact. Best of all, Birdola is good for birds. It has a gourmet mix of premium seeds, with no “junk”, or waste seeds that birds simply kick out of a bulk mix (this includes oats, barley and wheatgrass). Our products provide simple solutions for both bird-watchers and their feathered friends. Affordable, easy-to-use and maintain, new Birdola Stackers are an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of nearly every species of wild bird. Insects have been a staple of wild birds’ diets since long before we started feeding them. Our new Beetle Stacker , with freeze-dried beetle larvae, will attract insect-eating birds. Lots of black oil sunflower will attract most other species as well. You can also use up to three different stacker blends to attract a wider variety of birds!

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Product Description

  • Attracts Insect-Eating Birds
  • Contains Freeze-Dried Beetle Larvae
  • Black Oil Sunflower And Millet Attract Many Other Species