Heated Bird Bath Dish


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Keep birds flocking to your yard all year with the Farm Innovators Green and Light Green 3-IN-1 Heated Bird Bath. The abundant mounting options and fun color on this piece create a bath perfect for any birder. The plastic, dark green bowl has a 13.5″ outer diameter, with a lip around it for birds to rest while drinking. Its 1″ depth enables even the smallest birds to bathe in the item, and the hidden heating element keeps some of the water free of ice all year. This 75-watt heater is thermostatically controlled, and will only operate when the water nears freezing. It is effective up to -10° Fahrenheit, and turns off when not in use. Unplug the item and tuck the 11″ cord into the base for summer use. Have fresh water available for birds throughout the year with this Green and Light Green 3-IN-1 Heated Bird Bath.

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