Roosting Pocket with Roof


On a cold night, provide cozy shelter for your birds!

Roosting pockets offer your birds a warm, dry place to escape wind, rain or a cold night. The rough-hewn surface allows birds to easily enter and exit the roosting pocket, even when it’s windy. The natural materials blend in with your natural scenery to provide birds with additional predator protection. Includes hanging loop with cedar roof. Made from natural reed grass, woven into a cozy shape, and naturally weather-resistant. 6 inch diameter. 10 inches tall.

  • Roosting pocket made from natural reed grass
  • Provide birds with instant shelter in cold, wet or windy weather
  • Watch birds cling to the woven surface, even when it’s windy
  • Includes built-in drainage for a dry roosting area
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Product Description

  • Provides much needed refuge from harsh storms wind freezing rain heavy snow and the bitter cold
  • Reed grass and cedar roof construction resistant to premature decay
  • Natural ventilation and drainage
  • Blends into the surroundings