Squirrel-Proof Pole Mounted Seed Cylinder Feeder


Holds any size seed cylinder or log
Attract more birds, while your seed cylinder lasts longer
Squirrels can’t climb past the pole baffle to reach your seed
Easy to clean & fill from the top

Product Description

Covered feeding area for your seed cylinder

Attract more birds to your yard with a seed cylinder—there’s something to feed everyone! The clear plastic weather dome keeps your seed dry in wet weather, so your seed cylinder lasts longer. Watch birds perch and feed around the decorative leaf ring and base, which provides extra perching space. Comes with a squirrel pole baffle to keep squirrels from climbing up to your seed log. Made from metal with a green powder coated finish. Place where you have a good view of your birds. Feeder itself measures 10-1/2 x 12-1/2 inches tall. Sectional pole has a total height of 69 inches.