Ultimate Bluebird House


Western Bluebirds generally rely on tree cavities for nesting. However, with all of the residential, commercial, and industrial development going on, it is important to lend a helping hand to these highly social birds by placing bluebird houses in your yard. The Songbird Essentials Ultimate Western Bluebird House is durably constructed of kiln dried inland red cedar, so it will surely last for many years. Aside from providing an aesthetically pleasing rustic look, its sloping roof design also keeps the nesting bluebirds inside nice and dry during storms.  

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Product Description

  • Anchors away from nest to prevent disturbing the nest and family
  • Gives you an excellent view of your bluebirds
  • Brass cup washers behind all screws
  • 7/8″ kiln dried inland red cedar
  • Routed and sanded edges