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Good morning my favorite bird nerds!! Well, here a mouse, there a mouse, everywhere a mouse mouse!! Our Tufted Tit Mouse babies are in full feed me mom and dad mode at your feeders. These guys are the cutest of the cute and have tons of personality. Make sure you don’t miss out on the family feeding frenzy at your feeders. Like I always say make sure you are giving your babies steak instead of hot dogs! What I mean by that is make sure you are offering a Michigan formulated blend to help with all the good stuff babies need for growing feathers. Here at the Nest we have everything you need to keep every birdie happy! We are open tues-sat 11:00-3:00 love to see you. 616-884-0003 6461 Belding rd Rockford. Bird On 🦉🦅🦋 ... See MoreSee Less

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Timeline PhotosWelcome back to week two of our #CornellBirdsRoadTrip! Today we're visiting three states: Iowa, New Jersey, and Washington.
These states all name the American Goldfinch as their official state bird, although none of them use the bird's official name. Iowa and New Jersey refer to it as the eastern goldfinch, and Washington uses the colloquial name of willow goldfinch.
It makes us think of Shakespeare (sort of 😉):
"What’s in a name? That which we call a goldfinch
By any other word would look as yellow."
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We are a locally owned wild bird feeding and nature specialist retail store. Our staff has over 40 years experience bird watching and bird feeding. We sell a variety of wild bird feed, bird feeders, and bird houses.

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