Birding FAQ

When should I put up my housing?

Put nesting boxes up in March when Michigan birds begin scouting behaviors.

How can I reduce the mess around my bird feeder?

“No mess” or “patio blends” are available at our store. These blends have no shells or hulls, therefore no shells to fall on the ground or grow in your yard.

What can I do about annoying blackbirds?

Safflower is a remedy seed that starlings, grackles, and other nuisance birds don’t like; cardinals, titmice, doves, nuthatches, purple finches, grosbeaks, towhees, chickadees, and woodpeckers all eat safflower.

When should I start to feed hummingbirds?

Typically, a good time of year to put out your feeders is around Mother’s Day; that’s also a good way to remember to do it and could become a fun family tradition.

What is the birds’ favorite seed?

All Michigan birds love black oil sunflower seeds, which is mixed into all of our blends. “Oilers,” as we call them, are high in healthy fat and protein, making it an especially good seed for winter feeding and for migratory birds arriving in the spring.

How do I keep squirrels off my feeder?

We offer three different solutions:

  1. Baffles to put on a pole system to keep squirrels (and raccoons) from climbing up to your feeder.
  2. Squirrel-proof feeders that close the feeding port when the weight of the squirrel is on the perch; ours are 100% guaranteed and some have a lifetime warranty.
  3. Safflower is not a palatable seed for squirrels, but many birds love it!

Which bird(s) signal the coming of spring?

Many people think it’s the robin, but red-winged black birds are actually the first song of spring in Michigan.