Bird Feeder Brush


Clean feeders make for happy and healthy birds! This specially designed 24 in. brush is made long enough to reach all the way inside tubes, making it easy to keep bird feeders clean. The soft bristles will not scratch tubes or other parts of feeders. The looped handle makes storing this brush a breeze.

Cleaning: Please, for the sake of the birds, keep your feeders clean! Dirty feeders can harm the birds. Use our Bird Feeder Brush (BFB) for thorough and simple cleaning. Dry thoroughly before filling with seed.

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Product Description

  • 24″ long brush
  • Cleans all tubular feeders
  • 5″ long soft flexible bristles will not scratch feeder
  • Durable, quality construction ensures a reliable cleaning every time
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A